Cartagena: A City of Color, Tourists, and Food

Posted: 3/12/2019 | March 12th, 2019 During the narco heydays, Cartagena was considered the only “safe” spot in Colombia for tourists. It was where foreigners vacationed, cruise ships docked, and rich Colombians built their vacation homes. Today, this colorful colonial city remains one of the most popular destinations for tourists and Colombians alike. Rich Colombians

Visiting Budapest: Suggested Itinerary, What to See & Do, and Where to Stay

Posted: 3/13/2019 | March 13th, 2019 Before I first visited, I imagined Budapest to be this rundown former Communist capital with little to do. But I was wrong. Dead wrong. Budapest turned out to be a vibrant city with a rich history, beautiful parks and buildings, bustling food halls, cool underground bars, and centuries-old thermal

Life in Paris: One Month Down

Posted: 3/21/2019 | March 21st, 2019 It’s been exactly one month since I moved to Paris. During that time, it’s been nonstop wine, cheese, brasseries, influencer meetups, fashionable social events, writer salons, museums, picnics, and late-night jazz concerts. It’s been a whirlwind of adventure and romance. Just I imagined it would be. Actually… It hasn’t